Close Call: Plane Almost Hits Sunbather

a plane landing on a beach
screen capture from video

I came across a pretty crazy story while skimming through the news on Yahoo.

According to GrindTV, a sunbather on a small German island came extremely close to being hit by a small plane. The plane was landing at an air field nearby. Luckily everyone is OK (besides some damage to the fence on the beach) but there is footage to show just how lucky the beachgoer is.

This close call took place on the island of Dune in the Heligoland archipelago. The airport on the island has three short runways, the shortest being just 846 feet. Landings and takeoffs are said to be demanding and require experience.

Due to the landing strip’s close proximity to the beach, most would not choose to lay-out in this area.

The pilot of the plane had some interesting things to say about the near- catastrophe.

  • “I have to say, as the pictures show, that it wasn’t one of my greatest achievements in the cockpit.”
  • “In my defense I can say that I didn’t see him because he was lying down, and I’m just very grateful it worked out well and I didn’t land on him.”

Check out the video:

Talk about a close call…

Fimd out more in the post from GrindhouseTV HERE.

2 thoughts on “Close Call: Plane Almost Hits Sunbather

  1. Thats how we do it here in Germany… German precision. No danger at all, enough plans for all possible dangers… and in the unlikly case it goes wrong, both have a good insurance 🙂

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