92% Of Germans Have Never Been To NY, Can Lufthansa Help?

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I came across a press release from Lufthansa that I found to be really interesting and also a bit funny.

Lufthansa Group was curious to find out how many Austrians and Germans had never been to New York City so they asked a leading opinion research institute.

The numbers were overwhelming:

  • 82% of Austrians had never been to NY
  • 92% of Germans had never been to NY

Lufthansa wants to help change this.

Starting July 2, Lufthansa Group (Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa & SWISS) will increase its frequency to the NY region.

When I started to read the press release, I figured they would be adding lots of flights and offering great deals to NY. Boy was I wrong. They will be increasing  frequencies to NY from 12 to 13 daily flights. (The one flight being added will be Austrian Airlines connecting Vienna and Newark with a daily nonstop service.)

I guess one extra flight per day is a pretty big increase in percentage for flights per day but will it really help to get more Austrians & Germans to visit NY?

Check out the Lufthansa Group’s press release here.

FYI- Kim and I went to Austria 8 years back. I first went to Germany around 7 years ago. In 2013 Kim, Lucas and I visited Germany. (I almost forgot- we are all from NY, well Kim was born in NJ- close enough I guess!)

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4 thoughts on “92% Of Germans Have Never Been To NY, Can Lufthansa Help?

  1. Mike from Berlin- Interesting comment but I am a bit confused. What is this paranoia you mention? I also don’t get what your other reasons have to do with Germanys taking a trip to the US. What do American or EU citizens “overstaying” have to do with this post?

    Billy- I agree that it is unlikely 18% of Americans or NYers have visited Austria but where are you getting your data from? The statistics in this post are taken from a study Lufthansa did. 🙂

  2. Far fewer than 18% of Americans, even just NYers, have been to Austria. Heck, I’d wager less than 18% of Americans could even identify Austria on a map.

    One extra OS flight a day will solve this.

  3. Talking to a lot of people recently, MANY germans have NO intention whatsoever to travel to the U.S, at all, in the foreseeable future, due to the paranoia there, insane immigration procedures and foreign politics of the country. So I guess, even if there would be 10 ore flights a day, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. By the way, before being bashed because of the “insane immigration procedures” there are more Americans overstaying in the EU than citizens from the EU overstaying in the U.S. Just the idea of EU citizens living in the U.S. as illegal aliens is frankly ridiculous… Why should they???

    1. Mike, not sure what to make of your hyperbolic ideological rant but living in Orlando, I’ve noted plenty of German tourists and lufthansa offers a daily non-stop flight to Orlando from Frankfurt.

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