Airbus Wants To Sell You A Plane

a close-up of an airplane

Yesterday I came across a tweet from Airbus which mentioned they were launching their new online shop.

While I do have a bunch of airline-related souvenirs including an awesome Singapore Airlines A380 model (that I got at a Travel Massive event), I don’t plan on buying any more collectibles ( junk) to add to my collection.

However, I thouht that it would be fun to check out the site to see what kind of things Airbus was offering for sale.

After looking around the site, I couldn’t find much that I was interested in, however a few things looked pretty cool.

Here are my favorites:

a model airplane on a tripod

Plane Models: There are 10 different aircrafts to choose from, which come in various sizes and prices. The cheapest plane model costs 25€ and some are over 400€.

a mobile with airplanes from itAirbus Baby Mobile: Since Lucas is now over 2 years old, he is too old for this item. I still think it is pretty awesome and it would be a great addition for a baby’s crib.

a white inflatable airplane with blue box and colored markers

Future Pilot Painting Plane: I think Lucas would love to get to color in his own soft plane. The set comes with 4 markers and since it is washable and reusable it can be colored on over and over again.
a close-up of a luggage tagLuggage Tag: I can’t think of a time that I ever bought a luggage tag but if I was thinking of buying one this would probably be the one.

a silver airplane pin

Pins: Airbus has a few pins for sale feauturing their planes- the A350, A380 and Beluga. There is also one with the Airbus logo as well. My favorite from the group is the A380 which would probably look great on the lapel of a suit or sports coat. Too bad I don’t wear suits!

What do you think of the items I included from the Airbus shop?

Click HERE to check out the shop for yourself and let us know what items you like the best.

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