10 National Park Experiences Of A Lifetime

a large rock formation on a hill with Devils Tower in the background
Devils Tower from our trip in July 2012

When it comes to travel, we tend to pick many more international destinations than domestic ones around America. However, in recent years we’ve been trying to make it a point to see more of our amazing country.

In recent years we’ve spent time in Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin (and a few others that I’ve probably left out). During some of the trips we had the opportunity to visit some National Parks like Badlands, the Everglades, the Grand Canyon and Mammoth Cave. We’ve also visited other parks which are designated as National Monuments & Historis Sites. In the future, I’d love to get to more of these parks and sites

USA Today came up with a list of 10 National Park Experiences of a Lifetime.

Check out the list:

  1. Take a full moon walk at Devil’s Tower National Monument- Wyoming
  2. Stroll the beach at Cumberland Island National Seashore- Georgia
  3. Visit Fort Laramie National Historic Site during annual Fur-Trading Days- Wyoming
  4. Ride a Red Jammer on Glacier National Park’s Going to the Sun Road- Montana
  5. Drive the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway- North Carolina & Virginia
  6. Take a guided 4×4 tour along the back roads of Big Bend National Park- Texas
  7. Canoe the Buffalo National River- Arkansas
  8. Ride a snow coach during a winter visit to Yellowstone- Wyoming, Montana & Idaho
  9. Visit Death Valley’s mysterious Racetrack Playa- California
  10. Cruise Glacier Bay in Glacier Bay National Park- Alaska

While we haven’t done any of these experiences, we have visited one of the sites. During our trip to South Dakota, we did a half-day trip to Wyoming to visit the Devil’s Tower. We were there during the day and were amazed by this natural site. I’d highly recommend a visit!

If you’ve done any of the experiences from this list or even just visited one, let us know what you thought!

Find out about each of these 10 national park experiences in the USA Today article HERE

3 thoughts on “10 National Park Experiences Of A Lifetime

  1. Wendy- That is awesome! I really need to see more of the national parks in the future.

    Bob- We’re going to be in Georgia next month but way too far from Cumberland- too bad! The BRP has been a place that I’ve wanted to visit quite some time. I’d love to hear more about your experiences!

  2. I’ve walked on the beach at Cumberland Island, as part of a four day camping trip. It’s a beautiful place to visit. It would be worth going to, even if you only had time for a day trip.
    I’ve driven the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway a few times. (It helps that I live a few miles from the BRP) Once I did 400 miles of it, plus the Skyline Drive in one trip. I did that trip in three days, which was too quickly. I would definitely give myself at least 5 days if I were to attempt to drive the entire length again. There are so many beautiful places to get out and explore along the BRP!

  3. I have visited all the places on that list. I would also add the Canadian Rockies to that list. Glacier national park is my favorite

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