A New Face + Trip: Thailand Extreme Makeover

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This has to be one of the craziest contests that I’ve ever heard of and it’s being brought to you by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

There is currently a search  for a candidate to take a $1 Million Trip Around the World and Australia ran the Best Jobs in the World Contest where six winners got a six month working vacation in Australia paying $100,000. Now, Thailand wants to give 3 winners Facial Surgery and a Trip around the country.

Thailand wants to get the word out that it’s a hub for medical tourism and is running a special project (contest) called Thailand Extreme Makeover.

The offer is open to non-Thai women ages 25-45.

Three women will win the opportunity to come for a free facial makeover and trip in Thailand during the recovery.

When I first started reading about this “project”, the television show “The Swan” (a show where women were given extreme makeovers including plastic surgery) came to mind.a close-up of a card

After the makeover, the three finalists will travel and get videotaped during the recovery.

Clips will be posted to Thailand Extreme Makeover’s website for voting. The finalist that receives the most votes will be the winner and get US $5,000 and a 3 night trip for 2. The first and second runner-ups will win 2 night trips.

It gets even better.  Voters can also receive special prizes from Thailand Extreme Makeover!

So who’s looking for a new face and a trip to Thailand?

If you’re interested in entering for a chance to win or just want to check out Thailand Extreme Makeover’s site, click HERE.

Check out this video to learn more about Thailand Extreme Makeover:

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