The World’s Strangest Cold Remedies

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.12.11 AMHave any of you ever gotten sick on a trip with a cold? I’d guess that many (probably all) of you have. If you didn’t come prepared with cold medicine what did you do? Go to the local pharmacy or better yet, maybe you decided to go with a local remedy.

Last month I came across a slide show from Travel + Leisure featuring the World’s Strangest Cold Remedies.

While going through the slide show I was definitely surprised by what was used to cure a cold around the world. Most of the items sound pretty off-putting however one of the items was actually a tasty dish (highlighted below) that I’ve had many times, for dinner not to cure a cold!

Here is T+L’s list:

  • Snail Syrup- Germany
  • Coining- China & Vietnam
  • Mashed Turnips- Iraq
  • Turmeric Milk- India
  • Onion Juice- various
  • Umeboshi- Japan
  • Lizard Soup- China
  • Salty Licorice- Netherlands
  • Gogol Mogol- Eastern Europe
  • Garlic Omelets- Morocco
  • Tom Yum Goong Soup- Thailand
  • Hot Black Currant Juice- Finland
  • Kimchi- South Korea
  • Oxtail Soup- various
  • Tamagozake- Japan
  • Nsala- Nigeria
  • Kumquat Syrup- Taiwan & China

Are you interested in giving any of these strange cold remedies a shot?

Find out about each of the items from the list in the T+L slide show HERE.

4 thoughts on “The World’s Strangest Cold Remedies

  1. Re Eastern European
    Guggle muggle
    I’ve had that
    I think there are variations
    Mixing hot tea and strong alcohol in a large mug
    Getting under your covers and drinking the elixir to
    Sweat it out
    It has worked for me 🙂

  2. My Mom swears by fried onions as a cold cure. Her mom always made a chest poultice out of them. The rest of us eat them. I normally eat mine with jalapeño peppers so I get the sinuses’ cleaned out. Works for me I haven’t had a cold in years.

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