Keeping Track of Countries In A Permanent Way

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.19.48 PMI use a few sites to track the countries that I’ve visited but none are as permanent as this. A couple of favorites sites that I use are TravBuddy and MostTraveledPeople.

TravBuddy is great because it makes a really cool personalized travel map which also tells you the percentage of the world that you’ve visited. (Check out my map at the bottom of my site .) MostTraveledPeople is really useful because it breaks things down even more. It also tracks states/ regions and disputed territories as well as also offering a UNESCO World Heritage Site tracker and some other useful tools.

One man decided to keep his list of countries visited close by so he had a tattoo of the world done on his back according to Buzzfeed.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.26.46 PMEvery time the man, Bill Passman visits a country he has it shaded in on his back!

Ouch! This sounds like an interesting way to be reminded of where you’ve been but it’s definitely way too permanent for me!

Check out Bill Passman’s blog, World Tattoo to read the story about how he came up with this interesting & very permanent idea.

There aren’t many posts on Passman’s blog but it’s definitely interesting to read about!

image credits: World Tattoo

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