Off Topic: McDonald’s Has An Extra 10,000,000 Pounds of Chicken Wings

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McDonald’s is one of the most successful fast food chains in the world and Ronald McDonald is possibly one of the world’s most recognizable mascots.

Most products that McDonald’s offers go on to be successful but boy did they miss the mark with the relatively new Mighty Wings.

McDonald’s purchased around 50 million pounds of chicken wings and they weren’t able to sell enough of them. This left the fast food giant with 20% of their inventory,  10 million pounds of wings which are in frozen storage.

Mighty Wings were introduced as a specialty item from September through November. They didn’t sell as well as expected, possibly due to the high price, 3 wings for $2.99. Some also said that the wings were too spicy.

According to a Wall Street Journal Article McDonald’s Chief Executive Don Thompson said the Mighty Wings promotion sold within the lower range of company expectations and admitted that the price “was not considered the most competitive”. 

Would you be interested in trying out McDonald’s Mighty Wings? I’m not so sure that I would. My opinion- stick to what works. Sell burgers, nuggets and fries. Maybe try adding a hot dog. Wings don’t sound like the ideal fast food.

Find out more about the McDonald’s Might Wings debacle in articles by The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Image Credit: The AP (from USA Today article)

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