Fodor’s: The World’s Best Holiday Markets

I’ve heard about amazing holiday markets that pop up every year, about a month or so prior to Christmas all around the world. I haven’t made a trip to any of these markets and can’t say that I plan to. However, if I was in one of the cities known for it’s holiday market during the right time of year, I’d definitely stop by and check it out.

I recently came across a slideshow on Fodor’s featuring the World’s Best Holiday Markets. I checked out which places made the list and didn’t think much more about it until yesterday. While walking around a small town in Pennsylvania, I noticed signs for a market/ gift fair in an old church which made me think about the Fodor’s article.

I went through the slideshow again when I got back to our hotel and found it interesting that Kim and I have been to every country (not the actual city) that made the list. I always thought of Christmas markets being in Europe, especially Germany and 7 European cities did make the list, but all from a different country. The other 3 spots went to North American countries. It was also intersting to see that the only country to have two cities on the list was the United States.

Here is Fodor’s list for Best Holiday Markets:

  • Christkindlesmarkt– Nurmeburg, Germany
  • Christkindlesmarik– Strasbourg, France
  • Tivoli Gardens’ Christmas Market– Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Fira de Santa Llucia– Barcelona, Spain
  • Toronto Christmas Market– Toronto, Canada
  • Christmas Markets– Vienna, Austria
  • Christmas Village– Philadelphia, Pensylvania
  • Manchester Christmas Markets– Manchester, England
  • Tallinn Christmas Market– Tallinn, Estonia
  • Christkindlmarket- Chicago, Illinois

What are your thoughts on Holiday Markets around the world? If you’ve had a chance to visit any of them, please let us know how it was in the comments below!

Find out more about each of the Best Holiday Markets in the Fodor’s article HERE.

2 thoughts on “Fodor’s: The World’s Best Holiday Markets

  1. I would recommend the following — lots of good memories!

    Berlin – several holiday markets setup throughout the city. A fave is in the Alexanderplatz area.

    Hamburg — there’s a nice series of tents set up around the water just a few minutes walk from the Hauptbahnof train station.

    Paris – the Champs-Elysees hosts a series of small kiosks and tents that is another good place to just wander around.

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