5 Bizarre Burgers That I’ve Tried


Just after pizza, burgers are  my next favorite food .  I enjoying trying  different kinds of burgers at places all over the country and world but usually won’t pass up  some of my favorites (I’m talking about you Shake Shack!)

The best part about visiting different places is seeing the wide variety of ways burgers can be prepared and dressed. Each place can customize their patties with different cuts of meat, buns & toppings, some even being really creative (maybe crazy) with some of their combinations.

A bunch of burgers come to mind (that I’ve tried) when I think about crazy burgers.

Two are from a shop in Philadelphia called PYT.

I tried a slider of their Doh Nut! burger (shown above) which was pretty interesting to say the least. The burger is made up of a beef patty, american cheese & chocolate-covered bacon on a glazed donut bun.

Would I order this again? I enjoyed this crazy concoction but can’t say that I’d want a full version of it.

IMG_5783The other burger that I tried at PYT was their Cheesesteak Pretzel Roll Burger. I didn’t see this burger on PYT’s online menu but found a description on MenuPages- beef patty, cheddar, chopped round steak, fried onions, “wiz”, pyt sauce, pretzel bun from Philly Pretzel Factory. This burger was humongous and really tasty but after eating about half of it I had enough.

Would I order this again? I think that I’d prefer to keep my burgers separate from a cheesesteak in the future.

IMG_6798During Shacktoberfest in 2012 at Shake Shack I tried the Cheddar Brat Burger which is a burger topped with a flat-top griddled cheddar bratwurst… A burger topped with a bratwurst sounded crazy and interesting so I had to give it a try.

Would I order this again? While I enjoyed the bratwurst, I would’ve preferred to eat the burger & brat separately.

a plate of food with a burger and friesI first heard about Jimmy’s Diner on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. The place looked awesome and since it was located close by, I had to stop in for a visit. One item that caught our attention was an odd burger called The Williamsburger. It had an interesting combination of toppings: a potato latke, apple sauce and sour cream.

Would I order this again? I didn’t expect to like it but it surprised me and I’d love to have it again.

a cheeseburger with bacon and cheese

I heard about AJ Bombers when it was featured on the televison shows Food Wars and Man vs Food Nation. I decided to stop by during the last day of our visit to Milwaukee. The main reason for our visit was to see their peanut delivery system. I decided to order the Barrie Burger, a 1/4 lb burger topped with bacon, American cheese and natural chunky peanut butter. I didn’t know what to expect but the burger ended up being really good and unique.

Would I order this again?  Defintely!

Have you ever tried any burgers with bizarre or odd toppings? If so what did you have and where did you try it?

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