Earn $10 Uber Credit For Fare Split In NYC

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Earlier in the week I wrote about a funny and ridiculous offer that Uber ran for National Cat Day. You can find out about it here.

Uber is now offering a more practical promo for trips around New York City.

If you share the cost of your Uber ride (around NYC) using Fare Split, Uber will add $10 to you and your friend’s account.

Here is how you split a fare: (from Uber)

To split a fare, you…

  • Request a ride
  • Tap the “up arrow” icon next to your driver’s info
  • Select “Split Fare”
  • Choose your friends
  • Tap “Send”

Your Friend(s)…

  • Tap the link in the text message from Uber
  • Your friends who don’t have an Uber account will be prompted to download the app and sign up
  • Your Uber-savvy friends will be taken directly to the Uber app
  • Your friends will confirm that they want to split your fare

To earn the $10 credits:

  • Rides must be taken before Sunday, November 10 at 11:59 PM.
  • Take as many rides as you like since there is no limit on the amount of credits you and your friends can earn
  • The offer is good with uberX, UberBLACK and UberSUV

Check out the offer from Uber HERE.

2 thoughts on “Earn $10 Uber Credit For Fare Split In NYC

    1. The info provided by Uber said that it is unlimited so I am taking their word that it is. Breaking up trips sounds like a pain. I’d think booking cheap ride shares with a bunch of people would be the way to go.

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