Jetblue Keeping “Bills” Moving Through D.C. Airports

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 10.20.37 AMPlaying off the government shut down and inability to agree on signing bills, Jetblue is getting involved in Washington, D.C.

To keep things moving in D.C. airports anyone with the first name “Bill” (on their official ID) will receive a complimentary Even More Speed pass allowing them to move through security faster.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 2.55.20 PMJetblue’s Even More Speed pass is “designed to provide the quickest possible lane to get through the security screening experience”.

Who Qualifies:

  • All Bills flying out of Washington D.C. area airports: DCA, IAD or BWI
  • Anyone flying with Bill on the same reservation
  • Any variation of Bill- Bill, Billie, Billy, Willa, Willam and even Guillermo!

How does Bill get his Even More Speed pass? All Bills must first go to the Jetblue ticket counter and present their valid ID and boarding pass. They will then receive the stamp for the Even More Speed pass lanes. Everyone flying with Bill must go with him to the counter to also get their Even More Speed pass stamp.

This offer lasts through the rest of the month, expiring on October 31.

Find out more about Jetblue’s Keep Bill Moving in DC offer on BlueTales HERE.

2 thoughts on “Jetblue Keeping “Bills” Moving Through D.C. Airports

  1. Very cool! I remember Famous Daves doing that for Daves – JetBlue for Bills, how come no one ever does anything for the Charlies of the world? 🙂

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