Flashback Friday: Ridiculous Street Signs- #1 Tallinn, Estonia


I’ve enjoyed seeing funny and odd street signs for quite some time now and always try to stop to take photos when a sign catches my eye. Most of the time this happens to be while traveling.

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I started posting “Ridiculous Street Signs” (not to be taken so literally) when the blog first started out. The sign which was used for the first entry is what I still believe to be one of the best one’s that I’ve ever seen.

The post itself is very short with just a little information but I feel that the sign is worth re-sharing.

Here is the post:

  • Ridiculous Street Signs- #1 Tallinn, Estonia

The post was originally published on October 20, 2011

a sign on a wall

I love seeing ridiculous/ funny street signs! This sign was spotted while wandering around Tallinn, Estonia. We were walking near a park and it was near a patch of grass. I guess there is no better way to get the message across not to pee or poop in public than in a nice sign! They were nice enough to also have a sign pointing to what direction the bathroom is.

That’s all for this weeks Flashback Friday. Check out more signs from my collections as well as some reader-contributed photos at my Ridiculous Street Signs tab here.

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