Balkans Trip: Lucas Finally Gets An Airline Duck

IMG_4571Over the past couple of years I’ve read a bit about the Lufthansa rubber ducks available in their First Class Lounge in Frankfurt.  I don’t have any of these ducks and have never even seen one in person. From the photos that I’ve seen online they look like a fun, airline-related collectible.

I was hoping to get one of these ducks for Lucas but haven’t had any luck so far.

For our trip to the Balkans we flew to Serbia through Frankfurt on Lufthansa in business class. During our short layover this gave us access to the business class lounge.

While in the lounge I decided (just for fun) to ask at the front desk about getting a duck for Lucas. I thought that there was a small chance they would see such a cute little boy and pull a duck out of a hat for him. I got a smile and a laugh but that was it.

From Frankfurt, we flew to Vienna on Lufthansa and then caught a flight on Austrian Airlines to our final destination, Belgrade.

While getting settled in right before takeoff, one of the the Austrian Airlines flight attendants started making stops at seats where babies and young children were sitting.  I saw her handing out a couple of toys. One of them was a book, the other I could not see.

photo (1)When the flight attendant stopped by our seat, she handed Lucas two small toys. One was a small, soft, plush book and the other was packaged. Lucas needed some help opening it up.

photo (1) copyTo my surprise it was an airline duck!

The duck is a bit small and has the Austrian Airlines logo on it’s chest which is pretty cool. It might not be one of the hard to come by Lufthansa ducks but that’s OK and Lucas doesn’t mind. He loves his new Austrian Airlines Duck!

5 thoughts on “Balkans Trip: Lucas Finally Gets An Airline Duck

  1. LH has the same small red ducks in the MUC F lounge. FRA usually has the bigger yellow ones but it varies with season and special occasions. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never been refused a duck when I have asked for one, but it has always been in F lounges. You need to head to the shower attendant and try them if the regular staff don’t act on your request.

    1. Thanks for the duck info! We flew in biz and didn’t have access to the F lounges so that’s why I asked “for fun” about a duck. I didn’t expect them to get one for me but figured that it didn’t hurt to ask.

      Nothing to be ashamed about- if it was me, having a kiddie or not I’d still ask for a duck if I had access to the first class lounge!

  2. Joey- Thanks! Lucas really likes his duck and it is always nice to see an airline going that extra mile to be kid- friendly!

    Rene- Lucas was very happy with his new toy and it’s so true. Without miles & points many of our trips might never happen.

  3. That is just awesome! I would have love to seen his smile. It looks like you guys are having such a fun trip. The value of points never end (but the memories are the true value here).

  4. Personally I prefer the Austrian Airlines rubber duck than the Lufthansa one. That’s really awesome OS does that and I hope Lucas was thrilled!!!

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