Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #7: Keep Off Grass- Australia

a sign in the dirt
The easiest sign in the world to follow, Coober Pedy, South Australia
While checking out Twitter last week, I came across a tweet by Gary Arndt (@EverywhereTrip) which caught my interest. The tweet said “An easy sign to follow in Coober Pedy, South Australia”. A link to a daily travel photo that Gary had posted to his blog in 2010 was included.
Gary writes the very popular, award winning travel blog Everything Everywhere. He’s been traveling around the world for over six years, visiting many interesting places and taking incredible photos along the way.
I had the opportunity to interview Gary last August. (Check out the interview HERE)
After seeing the awesome sign I decided to e-mail Gary to see if he would like to share the photo and answer a few questions about it. He was happy to oblige and be a part of my Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs series.
Here are the questions:
MW: When did you spot the sign?
Gary: I was taking a brief tour of the city and nearby Breakaways and one of the stops was the local “golf course”.
MW: Where was it located?
Gary: On the Coober Pedy golf course in South Australia.
MW: What was your reaction when you saw it?
Gary: It was cute.
MW: Is there anything else of importance about the sign you’d like to add?
Gary: The sign is obviously a joke. Coober Pedy is a very peculiar place.
MW: Do interesting, odd or ridiculous signs often catch your eye?
Gary: Only if they are in English.  🙂
I want to thank Gary for taking part and sharing this Ridiculous Street Sign. Make sure to check out Gary’s blog Everything Everywhere HERE.
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