Win A Flight To Space From KLM

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KLM is giving away an amazing prize, a trip to space on the SXC Lynx!

KLM will be releasing a high altitude balloon from the Nevada Desert. To enter you need to claim your place in space by guessing where the balloon will pop at it’s highest point aka peak altitude.

There are two things you get to select:

  • The height- I picked 36.0 KM
  • Horizontal drift- I had to skim around a little bit to find an unclaimed spot
When the balloon is released, it’s progress can be followed online. The person who’s place is closest to where the balloon pops, wins the trip to space.

The Prize: An all inclusive ticket to space aboard the SXC Lynx worth $95,000.

  • A flight for the winner and a guest from anywhere around the world to Curacao
  • Hotel stay chosen by KLM
  • The winner only and not the guest will take the SXC flight into space
  • The SXC Lynx will take the winner 64 miles up to space at 4 G’s of thrust
Some Rules:
  • Must be at least 18 years of age to enter
  • One entry per person is allowed
  • Enter by April 22, 2013
To claim your place in space and enter for a shot to win the prize Click HERE

2 thoughts on “Win A Flight To Space From KLM

  1. I mentioned on FlyerTalk that for U.S. citizens, it’s a wonderful prize, with a wonderful view, with absolutely AWFUL tax implications if you win.

    A win would mean about $30,000 in taxes.

    1. According to the terms, what you say is not true.
      “Winners will not need to pay game taxes, as these will be paid by KLM.”

      If the winner did need to pay $30,000 in taxes, I am guessing most people would have to decline the prize if they won.

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