Citi Bike- NYC Bike Share Program Memberships On Sale

The first time I saw a bike share program was during my first trip to Copenhagen. The bikes were pretty crappy and rarely available at the docking areas. One positive about the program was that borrowing a bike was free. I’m not sure of the exact amount, but from what I recall we had to put in a €1 coin to get a bike. Once you returned your bike to one of the docking areas, your coin was returned. I tested out one of the bikes for a half hour or so and it was a fun way to spend a little time during the visit.
(I recently read that the bike share program in Copenhagen was recently discontinued.)
Over a year ago I heard that a bike share program would be coming to NYC. Right away, memories of the bikes in Copenhagen came to mind. I definitely felt that adding a bike share program to NY would be a great addition. It could be another fun activity if you don’t own a bike or it could be used just to get around the city.
One big different with the NYC bike share program (called Citi Bike), is that the bikes are not free to use. To use a bike, you need to purchase an annual membership or an access pass good for 24 hours or 7 days.

On Monday, April 15 annual memberships for the Citi Bike program went on sale. Thousands of memberships were sold within the first hours of registration according to Transportation Nation.
Thousands of bikes will be available at hundreds of docking stations around Manhattan and Brooklyn. The bikes are adjustable so they should “be used comfortably by people of a wide range of heights”.
The Cost to use Citi Bike:
  • Annual Membership: $95- Unlimited 45 minute trips
  • 24 Hour Access Pass: $9.95 + tax- Unlimited 30 minute trips
  • 7 Day Access Pass: $25 + tax- Unlimited 30 minute trips
The timer resets each time you dock the bike. If you go over the included time, you will be charged additional fees.
Overtime Fees:
Annual Membership:
  • up to 45 min- free
  • 45- 75 min- $2.50
  • 75- 105 min- $9.00
  • every addl. 30 min- $9.00
24 Hour & 7 Day Access:
  • up to 30 min- free
  • 30- 60 min- $4,00
  • 60- 90 min- $13.00
  • every addl. 30 min- $12.00

The NYC bike share program could be costly to use but if you use it for short trips it could probably save you a lot of money. If you return your bike within the free time frame, you need to wait two minutes between rides before you borrow a bike for your next trip.
To find out more about the Citi Bike program and to purchase an annual membership, Click Here.

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