Happy Birthday To You Plaque- Louisville, KY

a plaque with images of women and men

On Day 1 of our trip to Louisville & Nashville I had mentioned that we visited a few quirky sites like the Happy Birthday To You Plaque. I had read about the plaque online and didn’t just happen to come across it.
We had read that the plaque was located under the entrance ramp to I-64 so we decided to wander around and look for it. The entrance ramp description was a bit confusing. After a couple of minutes looking around, we found it. The plaque was pretty small and located across the street from the ramp. 

a sign with a picture of two faces

I am willing to bet that we’ve all sang Happy Birthday countless times in our lives. Did you ever think about who wrote the song? If I was asked, I’d probably guess that the writer of the song was unknown.
According to the plaque, Mildred Jane Hill and Patty Smith Hill wrote Happy Birthday To You. In 1893 a song book was written by the two  called “Song Stories For the Kindergarten”.
During a birthday party, Patty suggested that the words of the first song in the book “Good Morning To All” be changed to Happy Birthday To You.

a plaque with images of people and text

The rest as they say is history. Happy Birthday To You has since gone on to become one of the three most popular songs in the English language!

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