Lonely Planet "Not For Parents" Guides

I recently came across a collection of Lonely Planet books geared towards kids.

Lonely Planet Not-For-Parents books aren’t guide books. They offer interesting stories and “facts about people, places, history and culture from around the world”.

The series was created because Lonely Planet felt that an important group of travelers- kids, were being left out.The books are intended for kids 8 years and up. I looked for more info about the series and found out that the books came out in October 2011 with 5 titles. The series now includes 11 titles and a box set.

The Not-For-Parents Titles:

  1. The Travel Book
  2. New York
  3. Extreme Planet
  4. How To Be A World Explorer
  5. Paris
  6. Rome
  7. Australia
  8. China
  9. London
  10. Box Set (London, Paris, NY & bonus Travel Activity Book)
  11. Great Britain
  12. USA

While at Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago, I saw a few of the titles in the kids section. I took a few minutes to skim through the Not For Parents Travel Book.
It was hard cover and looked like a nice coffee table book. Every country has it’s own page and there were lots of photos and images inside. It looked like a fun read for kids interested in learning a little something about every country in the world.

If Lucas was a bit older, I’d definitely look into getting him some of these books.

Check out all of the Not For Parents titles by Lonely PlanetĀ HERE.

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