Louisville & Nashville- Day 4 Recap

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We spent the last day or our trip in Nashville doing a variety of things. We ate some unique foods and visited a few historic sites. We also took some time to walk around Broadway to check out preparations being made for the New Years Eve Bash.

Here is a recap of Day 4:

  • Breakfast at Pancake Pantry
  • Toured President Andrew Jackson’s home The Hermitage
  • Checked out the amazing posters at Hatch Show Print
  • Tried a unique kind of food- Meat and Three
  • Stopped for a quick jump at the State Capitol
  • Visited the New Years Eve Bash On Broadway stage & surrounding area
a plate of pancakes with icing sugar and whipped cream
This was our second time heading over to Pancake Pantry. We drove by the day before but the line was really long so we didn’t bother to wait. This time we got there earlier and  waited about a half hour for a table. The wait wasn’t so bad. We chatted with some locals that said the pancakes were worth the wait. I had heard of Pancake Pantry due to it being featured on Man vs Food and another tv show in the past. I had Santa Fe Cornmeal Pancakes which were really good but odd. They had bacon, cheddar and green chiles cooked inside. I put hot maple syrup, salsa and sour cream on top. Kim had Sweet Potato Pancakes. Made from real sweet potatoes with sprinkled sugar & cinnamon and cinnamon cream syrup on top.Kim loved them, I thought they were decent (FYI- I don’t eat sweet potatoes).
a large white building with columns
To change things up a bit we took a ride around 10 miles from downtown Nashville to visit The Hermitage, home to the Seventh President of the U.S. Andrew Jackson. The grounds were huge and the tour of the home was very interesting. The home was pretty amazing. It was spread out over two floors and the rooms are furnished with many original items. We also got to see the tomb of President Jackson and his wife in a garden behind the house.
a red sign on a building

One of my favorite places that we visited in Nashville was Hatch Show Print, one of the oldest working letterpress print shops in the United States. I got to see some of their posters hanging in the Ryman Auditorium and in the Country Music Hall of Fame. After seeing them, I had to visit their print shop. The shop was very busy and had amazing posters hanging all over the walls. Most of them are concert posters but they had other subjects like politics and advertising. To me, a visit to Hack Show Print is a must.

a plate of food with a side of mashed potatoes and sauce

After hearing about Meat and Three, I had to give it a try. Meat and three is very popular in Nashville and is a “Southern staple”. You get to pick one meat and three vegetable sides. It took a bit of effort for us to try Meat and Three. The first two places we wanted to try were closed for the holidays so we settled on a place we had breakfast at the day before. Everything we had was very good so you probably can not go wrong with whatever you choose.

a man jumping in the air in front of a building

I wanted to stop by the Tennessee State Capitol but we weren’t interested in climbing up all of those stairs. So we took a look from the bottom of the hill. If we had more time we probably would’ve went inside the building for a tour. The building was still nice to see and seemed like a good place for a jump.

a man and woman standing in front of a stage with a baby

I wrote about our visit to the New Years Eve stage in my first post of 2013. We were planning to check out the NYE event but it was cold and rainy in Nashville and not the best idea for Lucas unless we wanted to get him sick. It was nice to see the stage setup with the Music Note Drop. While walking around Broadway there were some promotional tents set up for Jack Daniels, McDonalds, Coke and some others. JD was giving out bandanas, McDonalds and Coke were giving out drink samples.
It was definitely fun to see the area before it got crowded.

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Louisville and Nashville were both interesting cities to visit. I would’ve liked more time to explore some of the unique neighborhoods and see a few more museums. Maybe next time!

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