Lonely Planet- Oddest Food Museums

I’ve always been interested in visiting bizarre, odd and weird sites around the world. I’ll even go out of my way to visit one if it seems like it might be worthwhile.
Here are some places I’ve visited and mentioned on the blog:

A few days ago I read a Lonely Planet article that had a list of “Oddest Food Museums”.
I was immediately interested in the list. I’ve visited a few odd museums related to this topic and wondered if any made the list. It turned out that one of them did make it-  The Friets Museum. Last year I wrote a post about museums in Japan dedicated to another food on the list- Ramen Noodles.
Here is the list of Oddest Food Museums from Lonely Planet:

  • Pick Salami & Paprika Museum- Szeged, Hungary
  • Currywurst Museum- Berlin, Germany
  • Shinyokohama Raumen MuseumYokohama, Japan
  • Pulmuone Kimchi Museum-  Seoul, South Korea
  • Jell-O Gallery- Le Roy, NY USA
  • Spam Museum- Austin, TX USA
  • Frietmuseum- Brugges, Belgium
  • Su No Sato Vinegar Museum- Handa, Japan
  • Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia- San Francisco, CA USA
  • European Asparagus Museum- Schrobenhausen, Germany

I’d love to check out some of these museums in the future. If you’ve had the chance to visit any of these odd food museums, let us know if you liked it and if you felt it was worth your time?
Find out more about each of the museums from the Lonely Planet list HERE.

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