Progress In Planning Our Next Big Trip

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post regarding the headache we had to go through to book our next flight. (Check out the post here) I definitely think it was worth the effort and can’t wait to get on the flight already!
Lucas Miles W.

The flight that we booked will take us from New York City to Singapore in business class. This will be Lucas’ first time flying in style internationally! It will also be our most ambitious trip traveling with him to date.

When we booked this flight we did not plan to stay in Singapore for 2 weeks. Singapore is our gateway to checking out a few places in South East Asia. Kim and I have been to SE Asia two times and it’s probably our favorite part of the world. We can not wait to visit for our third time with a third wheel- Lucas!
On our first two trips we visited:
  1. Trip 1- Thailand
  2. Trip 2- Vietnam & Cambodia (with a visit to Hong Kong & Macau on the way home)
For our upcoming trip we will visit:
  1. Singapore- 2 days
  2. Bali, Indonesia- 9 days
  3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- 2 days
  4. Singapore- 1 day
You can check out the route we will be taking around SE Asia on the map above.
(To get around Asia we booked flights on low-cost airline Air Asia.)
Our next order of business is to book our hotel rooms for the trip.
So far I’ve only booked our first night in Singapore. We will be staying at the Intercontinental Singapore for $49 which is an amazing deal.
We were able to book the room at such a great rate thanks to the Chase Priority Club Visa.
By paying the $49 annual fee, I received one free night at any Priority Club hotel.
The Intercontinental Singapore would’ve cost around $230 had I paid full price.
I think the $49 fee is worth paying each year to get that free night!
For our last night in Singapore we are considering booking the Intercontinental again which would cost 25,000 Priority Club points. (When I got the card I received 60,000 PC points, Kim received 80,000)
Lucas’ new teether!

Anyway, time to get back to planning this trip! It’s fast approaching.
***If you have a moment, check out the post today by Rene over at Delta Points. His post is an interesting topic- how old were you on your first flight. (Thanks for the mention Rene! )

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  1. MichaelW: Definitely get to Ubud. See a Balinese dance. Meet the people. We found them to be some of the friendest and happiest on earth. Enjoy your stay! — Rich

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