Delta: Enjoy Preferred Seats on International Flights

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Would you pay a fee for a desirable, preferred seat on your flight?

Delta is now offering the option to pick a Preferred Seat 24 hours before your departure on select international flights.

This option is now available for flights to and from London, Barcelona & Tokyo-Narita and many others.

Preferred seats can be purchased for as little as $39 per segment or you can get complimentary access when booking a Y or B economy class ticket.

I am not sure that I am willing to pay extra money to pick a seat towards the front of the plane. I’d be happy with an aisle seat towards the back.

Preferred Seats are

  • Bulkhead seats
  • Aisle seats toward the front of the plane
  • Window seats toward the front of the plane
  • Emergency exit row seats

Check out the Preferred Seating Options here

Preferred Seating is also offered to Medallion members, SkyTeam Elite and SkyTeam Elite Plus members,  Alaska Airlines MVP and MVP Gold members.
(thanks to Milepoint members kyunbit & mtkeller for this info)

3 thoughts on “Delta: Enjoy Preferred Seats on International Flights

  1. Great question! You won’t be able to.
    Here is Delta’s response- “Unfortunately no, they can pay with a credit card on an award ticket, but not using SkyMiles. Sorry about that”

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