Lucky To Be Alive- Bungee Snaps During Zambezi Jump

Here is a story (and video) that will make many people think twice before bungee jumping again.

An Australian tourist is lucky to be alive after her bungee snapped 25 meters above the water during a jump from the Zambezi River bridge in Zimbabwe.
Erin Langworthy fell head first into crocodile infested waters and said things went black when she hit the water. She was lucky to reach some rocks by the shore and get rescued soon after. She spent a week in the hospital recovering from her injuries which were minor considering…

For more info and details, check out the video:

If you’ve been bungee jumping in the past, would you go again after watching this video?
If you’ve been thinking about going bungee jumping, did this video change your mind?

3 thoughts on “Lucky To Be Alive- Bungee Snaps During Zambezi Jump

  1. Reduce the possibility by doing less! Lol… Anyway, i hav finished it this morning & glad that I am still survive! But now start thinking to do it again! Lol..

  2. I am sure you will be fine but after seeing this video it is definitely something to think about!
    Just curious- why reduce your jumps, it only takes one time for the cord to break! 🙂

  3. Damn! I have in fact make my booking to do 2 jumps on my trip to New Zealand tomorrow. But I have reduce it to 1 jump after my friend sent me this news!

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