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Product Review: Kids Fly Safe- CARES Safety Harness

cares harness

(Publishing this review is long overdue…)

After flying 91,144 miles as a lap baby in his first 2 years, Lucas took his first flight in his own seat back in January 2014 (during our trip to Norway). He got some more experience flying again in his own seat in February during our Quick Euro Roadtrip, Our Visit to Malta & Milan and on a bunch of other trips since in 2014.

Although we did bring our car seat on Lucas’s second trip we didn’t bring it to Norway or want to bring it on the flights. We figured that his car seat would be a pain in the butt, taking up precious space instead of giving us extra space due to our third seat.

We were hesitant to have Lucas secured with only a regular airplane seatbelt so we started to look into other options. I had seen a couple of solutions at stores in the past but didn’t think much about them until now.

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