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Free TV Through 2014 On Southwest Thanks To Dish

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While flying to Dallas in late December I finally had a chance to watch free DISH TV during our flight on Southwest. To take advantage of the free entertainment onboard you need to use your own device since there are no seatback screens onboard.

I tried out DISH using my, I mean Lucas’ iPad Mini. At first I found it a pain to connect to the service but once I figured it out, it worked pretty well. I felt that there weren’t tons of live TV options to choose from but it was definitely better than nothing and it helped to kill some time. If you can’t find something airing live, you could also search through the on-demand options.

There are around 20 live TV Channels and up to 75 on-demand shows available during flights. (You can also purchase movies for $5 per movie, per device.)

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