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Targeted: Free Southwest Points + 20% Off Code


Last year we got great use out of my Southwest Companion Pass, using it to take 5.5 trips. Now its time for us to start making use of Kim’s pass.

After getting a Southwest personal & business credit card (each coming with a 50,000 points sign up bonus), I earned the status after completing an additional $10,000 in spend. What makes the pass an amazing value is that a “companion” flies for free, only paying tax when added to the pass-holder’s reservation. The companion pass essentially makes your points worth double.

With Southwest points being devalued recently, we rushed to make some bookings to try to use up most of Kim’s points. We now have 3 flights booked starting in May and still have more points to burn. The only difference this time is that Lucas needs a ticket. This adds a significant cost to these trips. We’ll actually be traveling for the first time ever without Lucas later in the year.

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