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Last year we got great use out of my Southwest Companion Pass, using it to take 5.5 trips. Now its time for us to start making use of Kim’s pass.

After getting a Southwest personal & business credit card (each coming with a 50,000 points sign up bonus), I earned the status after completing an additional $10,000 in spend. What makes the pass an amazing value is that a “companion” flies for free, only paying tax when added to the pass-holder’s reservation. The companion pass essentially makes your points worth double.

With Southwest points being devalued recently, we rushed to make some bookings to try to use up most of Kim’s points. We now have 3 flights booked starting in May and still have more points to burn. The only difference this time is that Lucas needs a ticket. This adds a significant cost to these trips. We’ll actually be traveling for the first time ever without Lucas later in the year.

We tried our hardest to use up Kim’s points before they lost value, but it just wasn’t possible. Southwest’s schedule was only open up until the end of October and we already have trips planned during other breaks from work.

Kim’s credit card anniversary is coming up which means another 12,000 points will be coming our way due to the 6,000 points (per card) anniversary bonus.

And now Southwest is giving Kim some more points and a very nice discount redemption code off Wanna Get Away Fares.a close up of a letter

Last week Kim received two letters from Southwest.

Southwest wants to help “start nailing down your travel plans“.

They were very nice to give Kim some bonus points and a discount code good for redemptions on roundtrip Wanna Get Away Fares  booked with Rapid Rewards Points.

a white piece of paper with black text

Here is what Kim got:

  • Letter 1: 1,000 bonus points and a 20% discount redemption code.
  • Letter 2: 500 bonus points and a 20% discount redemption code.

a white piece of paper with black textThe letters didn’t mention why Kim received this offer but my guess is that it’s due to her still having the Southwest credit cards or being a Companion Pass holder.

This is a really nice offer from Southwest. First of all, who doesn’t love free points! And, the 20% off discount code eliminates the points devaluation (and then some) as long as we get to take advantage of the offer.

Some rules for the 20% discount codes:

  • Valid for roundtrips on Wanna Get Away Fares
  • Purchases can be made March 31- September 30 2014
  • Travel from March 31- October 7, 2014

If Southwest targets you for this promo, the points will post automatically to your account. If you are interested in the 20% discount, make sure to check your mail. What might look like junk mail could save you a bunch of points on your next Southwest flight.

If anyone else received this offer, let us know how many Rapid Rewards points Southwest gave you. I am wondering if 1,000 points is the max.

5 thoughts on “Targeted: Free Southwest Points + 20% Off Code

  1. Jen- Good luck! The 20% off codes are a pretty sweet offer!

    Spencer- Awesome! Based on you also receiving the offer, it must be going out to those with the CCs.

  2. No companion pass, but I have the SW credit card. Got the same offer (1000 points, 20% off code) but via email. Was able to rebook an award at net lower price using the code.

  3. That’s a great offer! I have the companion pass and unfortunately did not get any promotional offer. But fingers crossed it will come at some point!

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