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Trip Planning: Back to The Balkans

Each year I look forward to our end of summer break when we usually take one of our biggest trips of the year.

Last year we headed to the Balkans. It was the first time for us visiting this region of the world and we enjoyed our trip very much.  We visited 4 countries (although one of them is a disputed territory)- Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

After the trip, I knew that I wanted to go back to the area at some point. While considering places to go this year I kept thinking about last summer’s trip. I decided to look into the possibility of seeing 2-3 more of these interesting countries.

When I started to look into some ideas, I was happily surprised to find flights available using my AAdvantage miles to exactly where I wanted to go, although not on the exact dates. Continue reading Trip Planning: Back to The Balkans