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President Calvin Coolidge Burial Site- Plymouth Notch, VT

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While in Vermont for a weekend, the main attraction- skiing was not quite in season. (Not that I am a skier.) The other main attraction is a brewery about 20 minutes away. We were looking for something else to do and read about a cheese shop a few minutes away that was located at the President Calvin Coolidge Historic Site.
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The site was only a few minutes away but closed for the season. However, I heard that we could visit Calvin Coolidge’s grave at the cemetery across the road. I figured why not check out the grave of a United States President.

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John Calvin Coolidge was born in Plymouth Notch, Vermont on July 4, 1872. He was in Vermont at his family home when he received the message that President Harding had died and sworn in by his father.

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President Coolidge is buried in Notch Cemetery in Plymouth Notch, Vermont. The cemetery has many old graves and his tombstone did not stand out from any of the others asides from the American flags right in front of the stone.
This wasn’t a planned visit and not my top choice for an attraction to visit but it made for an interesting time and killed an hour or so…
To visit the Coolidge Historic Site, get more info here