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Japan Earthquake/ Tsunami Anniversary & EYE SEE Photo Project

a green plant growing out of the ground

March 11 marked the one year anniversary of the horrible and destructive earthquake that led to a tsunami in Japan last year. Over 16,000 people lost their lives and over 3,000 are missing.
The disaster wrecked the Fukushima Power Plant where reactor meltdowns led to the the worst nuclear crisis since Chrenobyl. This caused 326,000 people to become homeless in the affected region. They may never be able to go back to their homes again. The Japaneses government have also created a 20 mile no-go zone around power plant.

Last year while figuring out where to go over spring vacation, my wife and I narrowed our choices down to Japan and Chile.
They both had really good flight availability for award bookings with our airline miles. We went back and forth with deciding on which country to choose. On March 10 we made our decision. We booked our tickets to Chile in late afternoon. I guess we chose the right place to go as the next morning I woke up to hear the news of the disaster in Japan.

a wrecked car in a field

While watching the news last week, I came across a really interesting segment about a joint project between UNICEF and Sony. The project is called EYE SEE UNICEF Digital Photography Project For Children. It took places in 3 towns within the affected area of the Japan earthquake & tsunami- Iwate, Miyagi & Fukushima.

The project includes 27 children from elementary to junior high school. Through workshops, the children learn about photography from an Italian professional photographer. The children learned to express their feelings through the pictures. “Through their photos, you can directly feel what they felt and thought of in their daily life. There are many things we can find out through children’s “EYE SEE””.

a close-up of a plant
There will be a special exhibition at UNICEF House in NYC of the children’s photos until the end of May. UNICEF House is located at 44th Street between 1st & 2nd Avenue.

To find out more about the EYE SEE UNICEF photo project, click here

***Photos in this post are from the EYE SEE project.