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Behind The Scenes: Your Bag’s Journey on Delta & Track My Bags App.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your luggage once it hits the conveyor belt after checking in for your flight??? I always thought it was pretty impressive that more bags did not get lost every day.

Personally I’ve had luggage issues a few times. Three times my luggage did not get to me until much later in the day after arriving from a flight. One time my luggage did not make it home with me. We had to head home from the airport in freezing weather without a winter jacket. But it got returned the following day!
Delta made a really interesting video to show what happens to luggage when it goes behind the rubber flaps:
They took one bag and  added six cameras to it and showed the journey it took from check-in in Atlanta to getting loaded onto the plane to getting picked up in NY.
Check out the video here:

Delta has also added a Track My Bags feature to the Fly Delta App! Pretty cool if you ask me.
Check it out here: