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Lose the Super Bowl, Get a Free Trip to Aruba

The Aruba Tourism Authority has offered the New Englad Patriots players and coaches a “consolation vacation”. Starting today, all players & coaches can take a free vacation to Aruba which includes airfare, hotel and more.

This sounds like a pretty sweet offer! I’d defintley think that most of the players & coaches can afford to take this vacation on their own, without the handout.
I wonder if any of them will take Aruba up on this offer?

USA Today said that this campaign is designed to bring welcome publicity to Aruba, which has previously made headlines with the mysterious disappearances of two American vacationers.

Congratulations New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI Champions

a football game in a stadium
8/22/11- Pre-Season Giants vs. Bears

Congratulations to the NY Giants on a great win!
Two Super Bowls victories out of the last five- WOW!

I am really a Jets fan but also support the Giants. (Baseball is the only sport where I hate the other NY team. Too bad I’ll have a long time waiting for the Mets to win again but I stay loyal!)
It is definitely nice to see the Patriots lost again in a Super Bowl.

I got to visit the home of the Jets & Giants- New Meadowlands Stadium in August for a Giants pre-season game. The stadium seems nice but I didn’t have much time to explore.

Maybe next season I’ll get to a Jets game and finally see them get to a Super Bowl. It doesn’t hurt to keep dreaming.