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Congratulations New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI Champions

a football game in a stadium
8/22/11- Pre-Season Giants vs. Bears

Congratulations to the NY Giants on a great win!
Two Super Bowls victories out of the last five- WOW!

I am really a Jets fan but also support the Giants. (Baseball is the only sport where I hate the other NY team. Too bad I’ll have a long time waiting for the Mets to win again but I stay loyal!)
It is definitely nice to see the Patriots lost again in a Super Bowl.

I got to visit the home of the Jets & Giants- New Meadowlands Stadium in August for a Giants pre-season game. The stadium seems nice but I didn’t have much time to explore.

Maybe next season I’ll get to a Jets game and finally see them get to a Super Bowl. It doesn’t hurt to keep dreaming.