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A Creative Airline Credit Card Display

a woman looking at a machine

This past weekend Kim and I stopped by Eataly after having lunch at Shake Shack. We went to Shake Shack to try out the special menu for Shacktoberfest. (Check out my post about it here.)
Eataly is an Italian food market that also has many restaurants inside.

While walking through Eatalay I spotted a really creative credit card sign-up display. The display was for the Alitalia American Express card. It was primarily made up of a plane fuselage (body), which is what caught my eye.

a close-up of a sign
a screen shot of a computer

No, I did not sign up for the card but I had to check out the display. Besides having a plane fuselage, it also had a couple of touch screen computers which were linked to the Alitalia site. I am pretty sure you could apply for the card from the computers on the spot and find out info about Alitalia.

a close-up of a sign

There was also a pretty large sign showing the terms for the Alitalia American Express card.

I was wondering if people actually signed up for this card while wandering through Eataly?
I mean the display was really cool but where was the mention of a nice bonus miles offer for signing up for the card!