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Lufthansa’s Awesome Oktoberfest Inspired Amenity Kit

IMG_6759During our flight to the Balkans, I was disappointed with the amenity kit that we received in Lufthansa Business Class. However, they more than made up for it during our flight home.

IMG_6784Kim, Lucas and I spent a chunk of our time, during an 8 hour layover in Frankfurt shopping for tracht (traditional German clothing).  We were buying the tracht for our recent trip to Germany. The main purpose of our trip was to experience Oktoberfest in Munich. (I’ve been a little behind on posting about our trip but will get to that soon.)

IMG_6776Once we took our seats, Kim and I reached back to get our amenity kits. I expected the same, junky plastic case that we received during our flight to Serbia but it was different and an awesome surprise.

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