Lufthansa’s Awesome Oktoberfest Inspired Amenity Kit

IMG_6759During our flight to the Balkans, I was disappointed with the amenity kit that we received in Lufthansa Business Class. However, they more than made up for it during our flight home.

IMG_6784Kim, Lucas and I spent a chunk of our time, during an 8 hour layover in Frankfurt shopping for tracht (traditional German clothing).  We were buying the tracht for our recent trip to Germany. The main purpose of our trip was to experience Oktoberfest in Munich. (I’ve been a little behind on posting about our trip but will get to that soon.)

IMG_6776Once we took our seats, Kim and I reached back to get our amenity kits. I expected the same, junky plastic case that we received during our flight to Serbia but it was different and an awesome surprise.

The amenity kit was a special version to celebrate the upcoming Oktoberfest!

The kit is beautifully made from grey felt. It is similar to a hat that I bought in Germany during a visit, years back. The button closure has a metal flower design in the middle, also typical of traditional German clothing. My one issue is that the button doesn’t seem to be sewn on well. I hope that it doesn’t fall off after being opened a bunch of times.

IMG_6760It also has a long string so you can wear the kit like a bag on your shoulder and a belt loop sewn onto the back. Althought it is a good looking bag I can’t imagine too many people wearing it these ways.

IMG_6765The kit holds the usual business class items inside. Socks, an eye mask, ear plugs, toothbrush & toothpaste and a small tin of Nivea face cream. The only items that I typically use from an amenity kit are the socks and toothbrush/ toothpaste.

IMG_6766The amenity kit wasn’t the only Oktoberfest touch added to the flight. The menu featured some special Oktoberfest inspired meal options. The breadbasket also included pretzels which are very popular in Germany and during Oktoberfest.

After our meal, the flight attendants came around with a basket full of chocolate bars. These weren’t ordinary chocolate bars, the packaging was meant to look like men’s tracht, Lederhosen!

Have you ever received a special amenity kit? If so what was the kit commemorating?

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  1. That’s pretty cool! Was this the international business class portion from FRA back to the USA or the European business class to FRA on the trip home?

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