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US Airways Grand Slam- All Hits & Bonuses Posted!

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I got an e-mail from US Airways reminding me that the Grand Slam was almost over. It ends on November 14 but for me it’s officially over since all of my hits and bonuses have posted!

I checked this morning and my 16 hit bonus posted as two:
11/9/2011 11/09/11 GRAND SLAM 2011 MULTI PARTNER BONUS – 16 8,000
11/9/2011 11/09/11 GRAND SLAM 2011 PQM BONUS – 16 HITS 2,000

The Grand Slam was a lot of fun to participate in and I ended up earning around 30,000 Dividend Miles due to various transactions and bonuses!

US Airways Grand Slam- How I Earned 16 Hits for Around $90

When I started reading about the US Airways Grand Slam I set my goal at getting to the 16 hit level which would earn me 25,000 bonus miles. I was looking to do it as cheaply as possible.

Here are the hits that I went for: transfer– I transferred 4 AA miles to US Air which earned 1 Dividend mile-Free/4 AAmiles
2-E-Rewards– cashed out $25 of survey money for 500 miles- Free
3-US Airways Shopping Tool Bar– 3 searches earned 2 miles- Free
4-US Air Shopping Mall– purchase I would’ve made anyway- earned lots of miles- Free
5-Biscoff– Cookie trial pack- earned 264 miles- $13.47
6-Thanks Again– purchase- 100 miles- I put my cost at $1 since I usually pay $2 for a coupon but this one cost me $3. The points were a pain to post
7-Office Max– earned 6 miles for a cheap purchase- $9.74
8-US Airways Credit Card- earned 29 miles- Free
9-US Airways Dining– earned 87 miles- Free
10-1-800-Flowers– earned 240 miles for peanut brittle – $21.75
11-Sky Mall– earned 12 miles for cheap purchase- $12.24
12-Audience Rewards– answered some quiz questions to earn 12 miles- Free
13-ShareBuilder-I transferred $50 and did one trade- earned 2500 miles-$5 (a trade costs $10 but by trading on a mobile device you get a $5 rebate)
14-Mags 4 Miles– I transferred miles for a magazine subscription for my wife- Cost -600 US Air Miles
15-Super Shuttle– booked a shuttle transfer that I did not take- earned 50 miles- $5
16-Track It Back– earned 500 miles- $24.94

So for $93 I earned 25,000 bonus Dividend Miles and for the actual purchases 3,700+ Dividend Miles.