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Odd Street Vendor: Cell Phone Booths- Cartagena, Colombia

a group of people standing outside a store
While walking around Cartagena you’ll notice street vendors selling an endless list of items. You can find clothing, shoes, housewares, toys and all different foods- fruits, vegetables, cheeses, hot foods & sweets.
I found it pretty funny to see lots of people talking on cell phones that were attached to tables by a string. It turned out that these tables were pretty much what I call a Cell Phone Booth.
a man and woman sitting outside
I’m guessing that in Cartagena most of the people don’t own cell phones and I didn’t seem to notice any traditional payphones anywhere so these booths made sense.
a man on the phone
They also seem to be a pretty good deal as all calls are 99 Colombian Pesos, about $0.05 US