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Old Boots Sculpture- Cartagena, Colombia

Before going to visit the Fort of San Felipe in Cartagena, I was checking out the souvenirs being sold outside. After making small talk in my very limited Spanish with some of the locals, one guy told my wife and I to go around the corner to see the “zapatos”. We weren’t looking to buy shoes but figured it was worth the five minute walk to see what the guy was talking about.
After walking to the back of the fort, this is what we saw:

The sculpture seems to be a popular stop for locals and tourists. I hadn’t seen anything about it online or in my guide book but was glad this guy told us to go check it out. It definitely made for a fun photo-op!

The sculpture was made to commemorate local poet Luis Carlos Lopez. He spent most of his life in Cartagena and wrote a poem to honor the city . Right next to the statue is a plaque with that poem:

A Mi Ciudad Nativa (To My Native City) 

Odd Street Vendor: Cell Phone Booths- Cartagena, Colombia

While walking around Cartagena you’ll notice street vendors selling an endless list of items. You can find clothing, shoes, housewares, toys and all different foods- fruits, vegetables, cheeses, hot foods & sweets.
I found it pretty funny to see lots of people talking on cell phones that were attached to tables by a string. It turned out that these tables were pretty much what I call a Cell Phone Booth.
I’m guessing that in Cartagena most of the people don’t own cell phones and I didn’t seem to notice any traditional payphones anywhere so these booths made sense.
They also seem to be a pretty good deal as all calls are 99 Colombian Pesos, about $0.05 US