Review: The Most Expensive Donuts Ever? Wildair NYC!

WildairWildair is considered one of the top wine bars in NYC, serving some of the best bar food.

Wine isn’t my thing but I’d be curious to give the restaurant a try one of these days. While, I haven’t had a chance to dine there as of yet, we recently tried some special bakery items.

On Saturdays, Wildair offers donuts, very pricey donuts!

To get a hold of these baked treats, you need to head over to Uber Eats to place an order at noon on Saturdays. (We picked our order up at the shop. They can be picked up between 12-3pm.)a tray of pastries on a tableA donut at Wildair goes for $9. You could probably get a dozen at Dunkin! 🙂

On the day we ordered, we had Boston Cream Pie and Maritozzi a la Wildair. Here are my thoughts about these sweet treats!

Boston Cream Pie: sweet cream, caramel filled, chocolate and crispy cashew glazea chocolate covered pastry on a blue surfaceThe donut I’ve most wanted to try was a variety of their Boston Cream. We ordered two of these since we expected greatness.

These square yeast donuts are heavy and I don’t say that in a bad way. The flavors were really good with the best part being the chocolate and crispy cashew glaze. Yum!a hand holding a piece of foodThe sweet cream and caramel combo inside was very enjoyable but I think I prefer a more traditional custard filling.

(Fun fact: I actually enjoyed this donut even more the following day.)

Maritozzi a la Wildair: filled with bergamot curd & roasted vanilla whipped creama round brown bread with a cut in half on a blue surfaceI wasn’t sure if I really wanted a donut with bergamot curd but I figured, if we’re finally trying Wildair, we’ll give both options a try!

I had mixed feelings about this one. I’m pretty sure that the donut is a brioche. It felt like I was eating a roll with decent texture filled with really awesome whipped cream which had a hint of citrus.

Basically, I loved the cream and felt the brioche/ donut itself could’ve been better.

Final Thoughts:

At $9 each,  Wildair makes the most expensive donuts we’ve ever tried. I don’t regret ordering them and we did enjoy them, but I’m not really sure that they’re worth the price.

Would I try them again? I think at some point I would like to give them another try but I won’t be rushing to do so.

Wildair is located at 142 Orchard Street in NYC. 

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