Two Families Get Into Huge Fight At Disney World

Disney WorldDisney World is often called the happiest place on earth.

However, the park wasn’t a happy place yesterday for two families as they got into a huge “brawl” at Magic Kingdom.

The fight took place after the families had an issue while waiting in line.

Fox News reports, “somewhere in Fantasyland between Cinderella’s Castle and Peter Pan’s Flight, the warring families traded punches and profanity, as onlookers screamed in the background“.

The fight took place for a few minutes before park security and deputies broke it up.

Here’s some details of what happened… A member of one family realized she forgot her phone on her electric conveyance vehicle. She left the Mickey’s PhilharMagic line to get her phone. When she came back, she tried to join her family on the line only to be blocked by the other family.

Fox writes that, “her family then reportedly waited outside the theater and confronted the other group“.

Shouting between the families led to a literal fight. One man ended up in the hospital with facial lacerations, others involved had small bruises. In the end, three people were arrested.

For these families, there visit didn’t end up so happy…

Find out more from Fox News here.

2 thoughts on “Two Families Get Into Huge Fight At Disney World

  1. One more reason to avoid Disney I guess. The video isn’t so crazy but it shows crazy people who shouldn’t be allowed in public.

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