Hilton Grand Vacations Offer: 3 Nights + 50,000 Points for $149!

HiltonOver the years, Kim and I have attended a bunch of time share offers to take advantage of various deals.

One of the best offers saved us around $300 in Fiji for 1.5 hours of our time.

The last timeshare offer we booked was back in 2018 with Hilton Grand Vacations. While the offer was awesome, the actual presentation was torture. Regardless, if an offer seems worth it, we’ll definitely book one again.

I just received an e-mail with a timeshare offer which I’m seriously thinking of going for. The only problem I have is that it’s with… Hilton Grand Vacations!

This new offer sounds like an awesome deal. For just $149, we can get a 4 day/ 3 night stay in Orlando or Las Vegas. The offer’s T&Cs claim the hotels are valued at between $175-$500 per night.

Along with the hotel stay, I’d also receive 50,000 Hilton Honors bonus points after attending a sales presentation.

This sounds like an awesome deal, however I still think back to our last timeshare presentation. It was beyond painful. As much as we tried to end the presentation, the rep wouldn’t let us leave. Beyond that, he was rude and didn’t listen to anything we had to say…

Regardless, this offer can definitely go to good use (and save us some money), especially since our kids have been dying to go to Las Vegas! No, they’re not gamblers but they really want to go to Omega Mart!

Some Rules:

  • Offer expires on July 11, 2022
  • You have up to 12 months from date of purchase to travel.
  • As part of your vacation package, you’ll attend a two-hour Personal Preview and sales presentation, where you’ll learn how you and your family can enjoy the many benefits and privileges of vacation ownership with Hilton Grand Vacations.

Final Thoughts:

We’re definitely thinking about taking advantage of this offer. It seems like an awesome deal for just $149. The two problems are getting through that timeshare presentation and hoping we can get a deal for our flights to Vegas!

We have around two weeks to decide, we’ll make a decision closer to the offer’s expiration date…

If you’re interested, you can find out more about this offer from Hilton Grand Vacations, you can take a look here.

3 thoughts on “Hilton Grand Vacations Offer: 3 Nights + 50,000 Points for $149!

  1. I’ve got an upcoming presentation in a few weeks (booked it last fall, I believe). $199 for 3 nights (Orlando). I’ll receive the $199 credited back to my credit card, a $200 “have a night on us” certificate (which appears to be hindered by a ton of hoops to make it hard to receive full value) and I talked them into giving me 25k points on top. I’d consider that a win!

  2. I completed one of these in Myrtle Beach this past March. The rep was actually very nice and respectful and it was easy to end it within 60 mins. The offer then was $199 + 25K points so they’ve added more value

  3. DiscoPapa- Sounds like an awesome deal! We had one of those night on us coupons in the past. It definitely was a huge headache to book… 🙂

    JJ- Happy to hear your presentation wasn’t too painful!!!

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