Last Minute Hotel Cancellation, Radisson Twitter Account To The Rescue!

RadissonLast night we were supposed to fly to Denver to attend the Mets-Rockies game at Coors Field scheduled for tonight.

We were around 10-12 minutes from airport when Kim saw an email from JetBlue notifying us that our flight was canceled!

I had a feeling that we wouldn’t make it to Denver given the weather and what I’ve been hearing about JetBlue’s frequent cancellations, so I quickly tried to figure out how to recoup the costs of our canceled trip.

My first order of business was our Friday night hotel booking at the Radisson Hotel Denver Central (for one night). I paid 30,000 Radisson Rewards points for a room which would’ve cost a little under $145 when paying the lowest available rate.

I called customer service and explained the situation, asking if I could get the points redeposited into my account.

After a brief hold, the rep coldly read the terms to me and let me know that the penalty for not showing up would be the points I used to book the stay. I told her to leave my reservation alone and quickly ended the call.

I then figured I’d try an old, trusty friend for help- Twitter!

I sent a DM (direct message) to the Radisson Rewards Americas Customer Care team. They were impressively fast, responding to me in just four minutes.

Soon after, I sent some requested information to the team. They contacted the property and got authorization to return the points to my account!

Final Thoughts:

Don’t always accept  ‘NO’  from companies when you call for a refund or support. Social media is still a valuable tool when it comes to customer service!

Have you ever used Twitter to help with travel plans?

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