Stumbling Across The Cafe Du Monde NYC Pop-Up!

Cafe Du MondeWhile on the way to Momofuku Noodle Bar in NYC’s East Village, we parked by Tompkins Square Park.

On the walk over to the restaurant, we stumbled across a really sweet surprise, a Cafe Du Monde pop-up tricycle stand! Yes, the famous shop from New Orleans (or at least we think).a bicycle with a green umbrella on the side of a streetAfter lunch, we had to give the pop-up a try.a man standing under an umbrellaThe guy running the stand was very enthusiastic and happy to get a batch of beignets (we ordered 2) fried up for us.a hand holding a plate of foodThe beignets smelled great and we couldn’t wait to dig in!a plate of food with a forkI’ve been to the original Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans a few times. The first thing I noticed was that these definitely did not look like the same item.

The NYC beignets were a bit smaller and not as fluffy as in New Orleans. Regardless, what matters most is how they taste…a close up of foodIt’s been quite some time since our last visit to New Orleans but I can say that these beignets were extremely tasty and enjoyable!

Were they the same item as in N.O.? I don’t know, but I’d definitely order them again!

Cafe Du Monde’s pop-up doesn’t have a set location in NYC but you can find out more by checking out their Instagram account here.

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