Quick Review: Bluffworks BluffCubes +20% Off For A Limited Time!

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In late 2020 I wrote about a kickstarter campaign from Bluffworks for their new packing cubes called the BluffCube.

The product came out a while back and I had the chance to finally try these smarter packing cubes recently.

While the BluffCubes are definitely pricier than your typical packing cube, they are packed with a bunch of cool features.

The Bluffworks BluffCubes stand out due to two very useful features.

The most important thing is compression. Pack it as much (or as little) as you want, using the soft velcro closure strap to compress your BluffCube. It’s also easy to fill due to it being top loading.

Another handy feature which I really love is the easy access zipper. The easy access zipper allows you to take an item out of the BluffCube without opening the top closure strap. This definitely comes in handy when you want to quickly take something out.

The BluffCubes come in two varieties, the Pro and Sport, each offered in two sizes.

The Pro version is a bit pricier and offers a bit more structure than the Sport. The Pro is made from lightweight brushed ripstop nylon. The Sport is made from ultra- lightweight ripstop nylon.

For a limited time, Bluffworks is offering 20% off on BluffCubes!

The Pro model range in price from $26-32 and the Sport goes for $22-$26. 20% off definitely makes for a nice savings.

To get the discount, enter Code: CUBE20 at checkout. The offer is good until August 31, 21 at midnight PDT.

Find out more about the limited-time BluffCube Offer here.

(FYI- I do not earn a commission if you make a purchase from Bluffworks.)

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