Game Changer? I Wore The Bluffworks Threshold T-Shirt 5 Straight Days!

BluffworksAt the 2019 New York Times Travel Show I came across a booth from Bluffworks, a travel clothing company. I chatted with their team and checked out some of their products, walking away impressed.

The company was kind enough to send me a few products to me to test out and review. (Check out my review, Bluffworks: A Couple Of Hits And A Miss.)

At the NY Times Travel Show, Bluffworks had one item on display which caught my attention, however it wasn’t yet available.

The Bluffworks Threshold T-Shirt came out after the company had sent me some items to test out. When the shirt became available, I definitely hesitated on pushing the button to order one. At $45, this is certainly not a cheap shirt.

Towards the end of April, Bluffworks ran a sitewide 30% off sale. I decided to order two Threshold T-Shirts ($31.50 each) to try out. If the shirt performed like the company claimed, it could be a real game changer for future trips.

Bluffworks says, “After years of testing fabrics, we broke a threshold. Our t-shirt combines supreme softness with stretch, durability, quick wicking, and odor-proof superpowers.”

When the shirts arrived, I was impressed by the super soft feel. It also fit very well.

I don’t recall where, but I’m pretty sure the company posted something saying that you could wear the shirt for five days before giving it a wash.

Call me crazy, but I figured since I’ve been working from home and not really interacting with people besides my family, I’d do a Threshold T-Shirt Five Day Challenge.

Could this shirt hold up or would it make people run when I walked past them? I decided to put in the hard work just to see how good this shirt might be. Maybe some of you will thank me for this fun and potentially smelly project! 🙂

I mentioned earlier how this shirt could be a real game changer when it comes to travel.

The reason I felt this way was for a couple of reasons: If the shirt performed at close to what I hoped, I could bring a few of these shirts and maybe a couple of others on trips. The Threshold could also be used if I decided I wanted to workout or go for a run while traveling. This would be huge since Kim and I are always trying to figure out ways to lighten  the weight of our luggage.

Here are the results of my Bluffworks Threshold T-Shirt Five Day Challenge:a man standing on a wooden railingDay 1:

It was a beautiful day so we headed over to the All-American Drive-In on Long Island for some burgers. We then stopped by a park to do some light hiking.

I was immediately impressed by how comfortable the shirt felt. It was a sunny day out and the shirt had an almost cooling feel to it.

Day 2:a man wearing sunglasses and a scarf on his neck taking a selfieToday I ran a 5K in the morning. The Threshold t-shirt was very comfortable and didn’t feel heavy even after being very sweaty!

When I got home, I hung the shirt to dry. After I took a shower, I put it back on (around 2.5 hours later)and headed outside. I was impressed that the shirt didn’t have a bad smell. There was a faint deodorant smell in armpits but only if you stuck your nose in there.

Day 3:
a man sitting on a couch using a laptopBesides working from home, I didn’t do much on day 3. I wore the shirt pretty much all day. I felt clean wearing it and once again, the only smell we noticed was a faint one from the deodorant in the armpit area.

Day 4:a man and child in a carThis was a busier day. I had the shirt on while working from home and when I took Theo out for a picnic in the car (thanks COVID-19).

Again, the shirt was very comfortable. The shirt didn’t smell bad but the deodorant smell was a bit more noticeable.

Early in the evening, we took the kids to the park and I ran another 5K.a man wearing headphones and standing on one legThe shirt  handled very well and was comfy to wear on my run. Again, it had an almost cooling feel and dried pretty fast.

After running two 5Ks in this shirt, I’d say that it’s definitely an excellent one to workout in!

Day 5:a group of people standing in front of a buildingWhen I put the shirt on for the final day of this test, I figured it would smell after four days of wear including running two 5Ks. I’m not going to say that it smelled fresh but it was more or less fine. As for those armpits, they didn’t feel the freshest.

I wore the shirt all day as well as for a ride to East Harlem to pickup food from NYC’s most exclusive restaurant.

By the end of the day, it was definitely time to retire the Threshold until it was washed.

Final Thoughts:

The Bluffworks Treshhold T-shirt totally lived up to high expectations. It’s a super comfy shirt which looks good and performs really well, even during workouts.

If you’re wondering how it washed, I washed the shirt on cold and hung it to dry. It came out looking good as new and it did not shrink.

I’d say the optimum amount of days to wear this t-shirt would be three days, four max.

Overall, this has got to be one of the best performance t-shirts out there and a great one for travel. Consider me a fan.

All thoughts regarding the Bluffworks Threshold T-Shirt are my own. I was not given a shirt to review, it was purchased through their website. 

9 thoughts on “Game Changer? I Wore The Bluffworks Threshold T-Shirt 5 Straight Days!

  1. Arnold Semmons- I don’t plan to wear the shirt in the future for 5 days. During a trip I could see wearing it 2-3 times. I’m not sure where you got the cost of it being $1 for the shirt to be made…

    Benji- I totally agree with you on three days. I did say that I put in the hard work for this test! As for price, I think around $30 is fair, $45 is very pricey.

  2. I’d push it to three days max I think. This seems like the perfect shirt to wear when you have a red-eye with a full day of travel the next day. 5 days and two 5ks is obviously nasty. But someone had to try it. 31$ is also a little high

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