Disney World Employee Fired, Banned For Drinking From Park Fountains

Disney WorldIt probably isn’t easy to get banned by Disney World for life. However, one former employee managed to receive that penalty recently.

After being fired from his job as a Disney World cast member earlier this year, Jason Jeter continued to visit the park as a guest.

Jeter was fired due to a couple of Tik Tok videos where he drank water from “decorative fountains around the Disney parks and then rated them on a scale from 1 to 10,” according to WOWKTV.com.

The Disney World water reviewer claims that he was given a trespass warning by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office when he parked near the Grand Floridian to grab some food. He was then told that he was not allowed on the property anymore.

WOWKTV.com writes that “Jeter further claims that Disney security and a Disney World “investigator” explained the trespass warning, although Jeter did not reveal what they said, specifically“.

The trespass warning applies to all Disney World properties like theme parks, water parks, resorts and Disney Springs. The ban is due to “conduct not welcome on WDW property.”

The former Disney World employee has also made videos from Universal Orlando Resort. There is no mention whether or not Jeter did a similar water taste test there…

Find out more from WOWKTV.com here.

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