Did You Know? There’s A Friends Wall In New York City

FriendsA couple of years back, we stumbled across a tourist attraction in NYC.

While on the way to our lunch destination The Little Owl, we noticed lots of people posing and taking photos of the building. After we ate, a quick Google search let us know that the restaurant is housed in what’s know as the Friends building.

While the hit show Friends taped in California, the building, located at 90 Bedford Street was used as the exterior shots for it. If you look on Google Maps, the building is even labeled Friends Apartment with a camera symbol.

It turns out that besides being known as the Friends building, 90 Bedford Street is also home to the Friends Wall!

I learned about The Friends Wall from Gothamist. Gothamist mentions that the wall came about by accident.

Here’s what happened… Fans started to tag the wall, leaving various quotes from the show after “a street-artist friend of [Little Owl chef Joey] Campanaro’s wrote ‘i love joey’ in chalk on the side of the building. Tourists, not realizing it was a message for Campanaro, started scrawling Friends catchphrases in marker all over the wall.” (The details were first mentioned in a New Yorker article from 2019.)

I wish I had know about the wall while dining at The Little Owl back in 2019. I think we’ll make it a point to stop by 90 Bedford Street next time we’re in the area to check it out!

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