Israel Is Opening To Vaccinated Travelers At The End Of May

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Last week I wrote about how Croatia would be reopening to travelers.

Now, another country will be added to the list of countries that will soon be open to travelers. Starting at the end of May,fully vaccinated travelers will be allowed to visit Israel!

Lonely Planet mentions that, “A limited number of groups will be permitted to enter from 23 May, and the number will be increased based on the health situation and progress of the reopening program.

For those of you not so interested in joining a tour, individual travelers  will be allowed entry in a second stage of the program.

Vaccinated travelers visiting Israel will still need to take a PCR test before getting on their flight and upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, a serological test will be required.

Would you be interested in visiting Israel? I traveled around the country years back and had a great time but it isn’t a place that I’m looking to revisit at this time.

Find out more from Lonely Planet here.

2 thoughts on “Israel Is Opening To Vaccinated Travelers At The End Of May

  1. I host small group tours to Israel and have one scheduled for mid-August (delayed from last year). As we are not a large group tour company I hope they continue to open the borders for our 100% vaccinated group. It doesn’t seem fair for them to limit this to large tour groups that jam 60+ people on buses together but not allow family or small group travelers that will socially distant when everyone is vaccinated anyway. Israel has over 60% of the population vaccinated and is quickly closing in on herd immunity.

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